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Learn greater awareness and increase your ability to center your mind and body in the present moment with the slow, graceful movements of Tai Chi. This gentle exercise helps us discover the essence of simplicity or how to live in complete harmony with nature.  Tai Chi can be thought of as a physical expression of Taoist philosopy, as found primarly in the poetic work known as the Tao Te Ching (the Way and its Power or Virtue). The practice of Tai Chi helps us to release our limited self or ego-consiousness into the larger Self or universal Being.  In other words, the regular practice of Tai Chi helps us cultivate inner peace, deep relaxation, or the treasure within.

When we are caught up in too much thinking, and rushing about, this impedes the flow of Chi  or the universal life force.  So Tai Chi exercises assist us in returning to our true nature, to living in harmony with the Tao, or the nameless source of all existence.  By relaxing our grip on the ego and its muscle tension throughout the body, we can open a doorway to the essence of Being, health and harmony.  By focusing on the present moment of relaxation we are released from the limitations of time into the timeless.  This is sometimes referred to as non-doing or wu-wei, to move in accordance with the flow of nature, effortlessly!


For an excellent overview of the history and practice of Tai Chi please see Ron Perfetti's web site.


For detailed information on the many health benefits of Tai Chi see Kentucky Tai Chi.  


To learn more about self defense and the power aspect of Tai Chi Chuan, I strongly recommend you read the book There are No Secrets by Wolfe Lownthal.  The classes that I teach are focused on stress reduction and self healing, but this other side of Tai Chi is rather fascinating as well!  For more information on this book click here.


Click below for a detailed step by step listing (PDF file) of the 2 Tai Chi forms used in class.
    Five Elements form       Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style form