jay_web.jpg Jay’s interest in stress management and mind/body healing really goes back to the beginning of his practice in meditation starting in 1982 and Tai Chi in 1986 (please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a brief resume).  He was introduced to these relaxation exercises by two psychological and  spiritual mentors—Walter Clarke and Tom Dyehouse—as a means to learning how to calm his emotions, reduce anxiety and periods of depression, and find relief for cyclical patterns of energy and mood swings with brief periods of insomnia.  Jay found that these mindfulness practices helped to restore harmony to his body and soul.  He has spent many years studying both Eastern and Western teachings on health and healing in an effort to overcome a very difficult dis-ease known as bipolar disorder.  If you would like to read a 33 page story (PDF file) about Jay's healing click here.  (see below for Adobe Acrobat Reader download link)

Jay definitely benefited from taking medication during the years 1985 through 1990.  The emotional stability and a reprieve from the symptoms mentioned above while taking lithium during this time was truly a welcome relief!  However, while living in Cleveland as a computer engineering student the noticeable side effects of short term memory inhibition (along with the subtle loss of the poetry of life, so to speak)  led him to explore holistic alternatives to medication.  In December of 1990 he made a visit to the Princeton Biocenter in New Jersey for blood tests and nutritional counseling.  He also continued a regular practice of breath awareness meditation with a Zen meditation group at The Cleveland Buddhist Temple.  Swimming as a form of aerobic exercise became a welcome physical relief from the buildup of stress and tension in the body.


sunrayPines.gifMedication free since 1990, it has been a long and oftentimes steep journey for Jay to develop a healthy mind, body and emotions.  He received immeasurable help through spiritual healing (known as absent or distance healing) from the White Eagle Lodge from 1995 to 2001.  During this time he learned to incorporate the use of healing imagery along with mindfulness of breathing in a daily practice of meditation to find to his true center as a whole person.  Having a strong belief in God, the power of love to heal the old wounds, and the recreative power of keeping on with positive thought combined to eventually overcome the obstacles to discovering a peaceful and joyful heart, with compassion for himself and for others.


I think it is important to note here that the White Eagle Lodge does not advocate "being medication free". This was my own personal preference and it was a decision I made after discussing it with my wife. As you can see in my Treatment page I do take natural supplements which have been very helpful. I think it is important to do whatever is best for the individual who may be suffering from bipolar disorder.  On the subject of medical treatment and distance healing, White Eagle suggests:

Do all you can in a practical way to make your body healthy. The healing rays work in conjuction with medical treatment, so do not hesitate to seek medical advice should you wish. Have faith that the doctors will be guided in their diagnosis and prescription.

It was while working as a computer programmer at a county social service agency  in Hamilton County (having returned to Cincinnati  with the birth of their son in 1994) that Jay took an interest in helping others learn ways to relieve their stress.  In December of 2000 Jay was given the opportunity to present his first 4 hour stress relief workshop for agency employees. Through completion of 42 hours of training classes he  became certified as an OCWTP Stress Management trainer in September of  2001 through the Institute for Human Services in Columbus, Ohio.  In that same month he began a bi-weekly class in mindfulness meditation at work which continued for a period of 10 years.  Over the years there have been numerous workshops and guest speaker engagements at the agency, with regular classes in Tai Chi and meditation held in Northern Kentucky since 2002.  Jay was a guest speaker three times on WAIF 88.3 fm and also appeared on Feeling Better cable TV (airs in both N Ky and in parts of Cincinnati) for a series of holistic stress relief presentations.


To listen to a free version of Jay's interview on Healing Works just click on the start button


Jay is dedicated to helping others find ways to relieve stress and increase (or rather discover) their personal well-being.  In 2014, he completed his Masters degree in Religious and Pastoral Studies at the University of Mount St. Joseph. He has 2 years experience working with patients struggling with mental and emotional problems at The Lindner Center of Hope in Mason. He worked as a Chaplain and Mental Health Specialist while at the hospital. Jay is especially interested in holistic approaches to resolving mental and emotional issues. His view is that an Integrative approach to restoring wellness is most desirable. Medications can be helpful in providing stability, but more natural and holistic methods of treatment can also be effective and more beneficial depending on the individual's needs. Working with a medical professional is most valuable. His view is that a gradual change (from medications to more holistic or natural methods) is possible for people suffering from mood disorders. 

If you would like to see updated and expanded information about Jay click on  A New Chapter. He offers a followup look at bipolar disorder, recent career changes and the value of the loving presence of his wife over the past 30 years.



To close this "About Jay" page, here is a thought provoking quote I hope you will enjoy:

In [our human] form, you are and will always be inferior to some, superior to others.  In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization.


—Eckhart Tolle,  A New Earth 
Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Jay’s resume

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