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When we think of unity, we lose sight of the multiplicity; when we think of multiplicity, we lose sight of the unity. But in eternity the many are contained in the One without losing their individuality. Each human being is a focus of the divine Light which shines through all equally, but each receives according to its capacity.... This was the very purpose of creation—that each unique individual being should participate in its own way in the divine Being...should become God by participation, God expressing himself or herself through that unique being.

—Return to the Center, Bede Griffiths 

To listen to one of Jay's free MP3 Guided Meditation just click on one of the start buttons below  The first one is a brief Introduction on how to meditate. The second is a more recent guided meditation (2014) which features the sound of singing bowls played by Ron Esposito. You may visit Ron's website here .The third one is one of my original meditations recorded during a class.

a free MP3 of peaceful Ocean Waves (breathing mindfully in and out)

a free MP3 of a peaceful Stream  (breathing mindfully in and out)

a free MP3 of Christian chant called Path (from Psalm 16) by my friend Ray Geers

a free MP3 of Christain chant called Blooms by my friend Ray Geers

Click below to read Ray's moving story about his brief life as a Catholic monk.

                Remember Me My Brief Life as a Monk

Click below to read a shorter version of Ray's story.

                Before I was Christian

To send your comments to Ray, please feel free to email me so I can forward your comments or look for Ray's email address at the top of the first page. Thank You.